We will help guide you through the entire process and make sure the transition from your current home to your new home is seamless.

Experts on the Current Market Value of Your Home

You need an experienced Realtor who is an expert on the current market data and knows what potential buyers want.

We have years of experience working with buyers in Montana.

We help price your home based on current market values, and will also guide you in what to do to make your house outshine the competition.

We will use our network of vendors to help you get your home ready to list and showcase to those prospective buyers.

1. Clean Everything

2. Let Light Shine in

People are always telling us that they want a light and bright home. This means to open up those shades and turn on the lights for buyers to see how open and spacious your home is. If it’s the right time of year, open the windows and let that cool mountain breeze come through.

3. Paint

There is nothing more that improves the value of a home then a fresh coat of paint. Not all homes will need this but if you have a colorful pallet of walls or walls with lots of scuffs and blemishes, choosing a light neutral color will help your home show it’s best.

4. Fix & Repair

If you know that something is in need of repair, it’s proactive within reason to go ahead and get it done. Brandon and Eric can consult you on the project and provide you with a great list of vendors that can help you complete it in a timely fashion. Sometimes it’s better to get it done prior to a buyer seeing it and thinking it would cost thousands of dollars to fix when in reality it will be a lot less.

5. “Pre-move” Before Listing

Go through the house and anything you don’t use on a daily basis put into storage so your house is clean and uncluttered. Brandon and Eric hear it from buyers all the time that it’s hard to see through the current owner’s belongings and imagine themselves in the home. This would also include the family photos and any personal items you do not want to sell with the home. Remember the saying, “less is more”? This is a perfect example!

Eric Perlstein

Brandon Trust